Coaching leaders and teams of purpose-led, mission-driven organizations to achieve their goals with greater focus and impact. 

Why Retain a Leadership Coach?

Today’s leaders seek “both/and” solutions when seeking profit and purpose, innovative work and quality of life, and impactful options for leadership development.

Organizations in the corporate, not-for-profit (NFP), and public sectors all demand effective leadership for workplaces that are increasingly complex. To drive success, a leader needs to be self-aware, authentic, and collaborative to succeed with fast-paced, connected, yet often geographically distant teams.

At Third Stream Leadership, we believe in exploring the integration of profit and purpose into a new and better Third Stream — successfully combining the best aspects of both goals. Third Stream Leadership helps accelerate the development of leaders who are achievement-oriented, relationship-focused, and mission-driven.

“Chris Esmonde partners effectively with his clients, achieving strategic objectives while building strong relationships across the board … a seasoned facilitator, able to draw out insights and build alignment for change with executives and frontline managers equally well.”

Brett Huttman

— Head of Corporate Strategy and Product Management, Purolator Inc.


Our mission at Third Stream Leadership is to help professionals achieve their bottom-line goals while also fulfilling their purpose and mission.

What sets Third Stream apart is a perspective on leadership derived from decades of experience in diverse fields and across many organizations, working to expand the capacity of executives, managers, change agents, and innovators.

Three core principles guide our achievement-oriented executive coaching practice:

1. Identify key competencies and limitations.

We help leaders develop their existing strengths while also identifying and mitigating the blind spots that might limit their effectiveness.

2. Focus on the top priorities of desired development.

We prioritize a leader’s development opportunities, understanding that successfully addressing one key area of improvement likely will impact other areas of development.

3. Commit to action.

We advocate for focused action which creates opportunities for accelerated learning and rapid professional growth.

Third Stream Leadership – Highlights

Founder Chris Esmonde’s background in healthcare, technology, financial services, education, and philanthropy helps our clients address their leadership challenges from a variety of settings.

Chris is experienced in advising purpose-led, mission-driven organizations, teams, and individuals from North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

Building on his accomplished background in sports competition and coaching, he is a strong and collaborative team player who can synthesize ideas, perspectives, and approaches into winning combinations.

Drawing on his experience as a jazz bassist, Chris listens intently to identify, understand, and respond to the various talents and contributions that shape leaders to be their most authentic and effective selves.

“Chris brings a tremendous combination of HR and business thought leadership to every client engagement.”

Thomas Roloff

— Technology Investor, Board Member, former EVP at EMC Corp

Has 30-plus years of coaching and consulting experience

Wide range of industry expertise, including Fortune 100 and large NFPs

Strong focus on personalized, high-quality service

Highly credentialed and vetted

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts

Why Choose Us

Comprehensive Executive Coaching Solutions

Our range of coaching services includes tailored assessments and advice that make the most of your valuable time. Our online and in-person client solutions address a broad range of topics, including the following:

  • Improving the Impact of High Potential Talent
  • Raising the Bar for Top Executives
  • Developing Authentic Leadership aligned with Purpose and Mission
  • Improving Staff Engagement and Quality of Work/Life Balance
  • Advising on Careers in Transition

What Can Jazz Teach Us About Authentic Leadership?

Often regarded as the most democratic and collaborative of all art forms, jazz is variously a language of sound, intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual. It is a unique personal expression delivered within a defined structure. In our upcoming Coaching eBrief, Chris Esmonde discusses jazz, innovation, and team work with leaders in the field of jazz music.

“Sometimes you have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself.”

— Miles Davis

When to Call a Leadership Coach

Executive coaching adds the most value when you are experiencing a transitional period in your career, such as:

    • Taking on a new leadership role
    • Adapting to a new company culture
    • Considering or launching a new career
    • Improving overall performance
    • Feeling stuck in a current situation or role

Improve the Trajectory of Your Career

Whether you are in a new role, aligning your team to new priorities, or simply want to focus on meaningful work that you enjoy, let Third Stream Leadership help get you to the next level.