Philosophy and Process

At Third Stream Leadership, we see the importance of cultivating leaders who strive to make everyone in the room better at what they do.

Outstanding executives are adept at bringing out the best in others. They are authentic, achievement-oriented, and mission-driven. They lead by focusing more on fulfilling the organization’s mission than on discussing the bottom line.

Third Stream Leadership Executive Coaching Approach


We focus on your most important leadership development priorities and preferences. At Third Stream, we believe that small improvements in a busy executive’s leadership approach can result in very significant impact on effectiveness and staff satisfaction.

Our achievement-focused, action-oriented coaching process
The cultivation of existing leadership qualities together with an action-oriented focus on unproductive tendencies can reap big rewards for increased leadership impact, including improved staff productivity, engagement, and morale.

A typical engagement lasts about six months, with meetings held on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  Here is an overview of our coaching process:

Chartering and Goal Setting

Discussing the overall purpose, process, and parameters of the coaching relationship is an essential aspect of creating a charter for the engagement. Success is heightened when there is a shared understanding of our work as client and coach

Gaining Insights

Obtaining information through conversations, surveys, assessments and/or interviews about strengths, weaknesses, values, motivations, preferences, and other attributes

Envisioning the Future

Creating a vision that enlivens the desired future, highlighting purpose, aspirations, values, and interests, and then defining relevant goals to manifest the vision

Crafting Options and Action Plans

Exploring a variety of development options for achieving the vision and goals, and building action plans for the best path forward

Taking Action

Taking proactive steps to fulfill the vision and advance toward goals. We learn and change most effectively through focused action and first-hand experience.

Learning and Improving

Assess progress and reflect on lessons learned. Discuss opportunities for improvement and possible next steps.

Taking Stock

Reviewing achievements, developments, and the overall process and, if desired, renewing the coaching work with fresh goals and approaches


Success Stories

The following success stories are intended to give a high-level view of the typical problems, solutions, and outcomes we encounter each day.

Success story:
Software company CEO redefines personal role in growing the firm

The founder and CEO of a technology consulting company wanted to redefine his role while also positioning it for increased growth.

The coaching engagement included 360-degree interviews and an assessment and revealed opportunities for leadership growth and re-focused the CEO’s priorities. Based on the insights surfaced from this coaching assignment, the CEO re-framed his view of the business and its potential.

A consulting assignment by Third Stream Leadership followed, resulting in a revised role for the CEO, the creation of a new executive position, several new hires, and a renewed focus on work/life balance.

Eighteen months later, net profits increased by 30%+. A new round of interviews found that staff satisfaction, work/life balance, and compensation has improved for everyone in the company. 

Success story:
Healthcare foundation revamps organizational strategy

The new CEO of a healthcare foundation wanted to pursue a fresh strategy for the overall organization but was finding that his executive team was too focused on functional silos. Shared insights to the overall business were lacking, as was the team’s proclivity for collaboration.

Third Stream Leadership designed and delivered a series of leadership workshops to develop shared perspectives as foundation for a new overarching strategy. Small-group and plenary discussions, together with coaching, built team rapport and were enriched with input from subject-matter experts.

The collaborative process resulted in a comprehensive five-year strategic plan and an implementation roadmap that was fully owned by the executive team and successfully deployed in phases.

Success story:
Expanding the opportunity set for a health technology firm

The CEO of a healthcare technology company was faced with an opportunity to re-focus his primary product on a larger market with more growth potential, along with increased investment and more risk.

Third Stream Leadership coached the CEO as he sorted through the choices and related implications of pursuing different market segments, narrowing his company’s focus on a large and potentially lucrative niche in a new market.

The key to success was the CEO’s achievement of a shared-risk partnership with a large patient care organization to develop the new product for testing and refinement.