Leadership Development for Purpose-Led Companies and Organizations

Mission-driven companies, NFPs, and public sector organizations come to Third Stream Leadership for leadership development services tailored to address specific and unique needs. Below are some examples of our solutions:


Coaching for Leaders

Through its action-oriented coaching process, Third Stream Leadership accelerates the development of leaders to be more achievement-oriented and relationship-focused.

Becoming a better leader entails gaining increased awareness of effective leadership competencies and unproductive tendencies or blind spots.

Our coaching process identifies specific strengths and blind spots, helping to focus the coaching effort on the development opportunities that will yield the most positive results.

Expanding Leadership Capacity and Effectiveness

The skills, talents, and motivations that have brought you to your current position in life are a key part of what has made you successful. But ironically, they may not help you achieve your next career milestone.

At times, it is important to expand your mindset to think differently about challenges, to reframe problems, and to understand and solve issues from a more holistic perspective. The executive who expands their insights and experience on complex issues is more likely to find solutions that work systemically.

At the same time, a leader’s effectiveness will also hinge on the development of the more tangible management skills required to implement systemic solutions, such as more effective prioritization, communication, and delegation.

Deep Experience as a Coach and Consultant

Third Stream Leadership has extensive coaching experience and a deep well of management consulting expertise. We have worked for decades with leaders from the Fortune 500 and NFPs. If you are encountering a career or leadership challenge, it is likely we have worked on a similar issue.

A Breadth of Cross-Industry Knowledge

Years of coaching and consulting have provided Third Stream Leadership with broad exposure to the healthcare, technology, insurance, life sciences, pharmaceutical, finance, and professional services fields. It is very likely that we have direct experience in your industry.

Assessments Expertise

Third Stream Leadership is well versed in advising on and conducting a variety of executive assessments and diagnostic tools to address precise client needs and situations. These include The Leadership Circle® Profile, Hogan Leadership Assessments, the Enneagram Test, ProfileXT™ Select Assessment (PXT), DiSC, and others.

Team Development

Our team development engagements are focused on utilizing the inherent strengths and insights of the client team as a platform for improving team performance.

Development issues for teams to address might include:

    • Connecting team strategies and initiatives to organizational purpose and vision
    • Understanding and utilizing the team’s collective and individual strengths
    • Creating real-time feedback practices to support decision-making agility
    • Strengthening team engagement to enhance productivity and reduce turnover
    • Enriching team communication and utilizing diverse opinions to increase creativity, innovation, and problem solving
Improving the Quality of Work Life

Today’s workplace is adjusting to accommodate a variety work-life norms that emphasize one’s values, quality of work life, and work-life balance.

Employee demands for a better quality of work life are emerging as never before. To recruit the best talent and sustain strong staff performance, company leaders need to strengthen employee engagement while accommodating work-from-home or hybrid office arrangements.

Third Stream Leadership is experienced with interviewing and/or surveying employee groups confidentially to obtain perspectives on quality of work life. If necessary, we then work collaboratively to create meaningful approaches to address concerns and improve staff engagement.

Resolving Client Service and Organizational Challenges

To achieve consistent excellence, client delivery issues can be addressed through facilitated solutions that emphasize collaboration, innovation, communication, and follow-through. Third Stream Leadership can accelerate the problem-solving process through designed interventions for teams, groups, or organizations at off-site retreats.

Success and Impact Beyond the Balance Sheet

In today’s world, the integration of mission and values into one’s work life is a hugely important aspect of success for leaders and employees. Third Stream Leadership believes in coaching leaders to focus both on meaningful purpose and the bottom line.

Strategic Partners

When appropriate, we partner with seasoned colleagues who also bring leadership and organizational coaching expertise to client situations. 

Our Promises to You

As your executive coach, we will always honor our commitment to make the achievement of your professional goals our number one priority.

Our coaching and advisory approaches are designed to help give you confidence in your decisions and next steps. We are here for you during the entire engagement and afterwards if you have questions or need a sounding board.

We value discretion and trusting relationships: Our advice and services may be the most valuable when you feel the most vulnerable. We are committed to supporting you when you take on a new management role or transition to a new career, when you may feel “stuck” in a current situation or role, or are adapting to a new organization’s culture.